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February 14, 2019
Realizing the OD-SK Program, Disbud Intensively Promotes Koffo Fabrics as One of Cultural Heritage
February 14, 2019
Radar Manado, 7 Agustus 2018

Koffo Fabric Appears in Japan

Radar Manado – COFO was chosen to showcase their products at the Indonesian Festival which was held at Hibiya Park, Tokyo, Japan, recently, which was a tourism promotion event for various products from the country. The love of Cindy Wowor, Founder of COFO, for traditional Indonesian fabrics brought her to lift Koffo woven fabric from North Sulawesi, which she first discovered at the Jakarta Textile Museum. Koffo fabric which was originally almost extinct and could only be enjoyed by art and culture lovers at the Museum, was successfully revived through COFO.

Cindy Wowor who was Miss North Sulawesi, Wulan Minahasa 2002 and Deputy I Noni Sulut 2003, said, “This is what prompted me to revive Koffo woven fabric by empowering local communities and adding economic value to the people of Sangihe Talaud and North Sulawesi.”

COFO has actively reintroduced Koffo woven fabric to the public through various promotional activities which include the history and background of Koffo fabric. In the open registration of national products by Bekraf, out of 287 creative actors who registered, COFO successfully passed the curation and entered the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency and also appeared in the biggest national cloth exhibition, Adiwastra 2018. COFO also participated in the largest Handicraft Exhibition in Indonesia, Inakraft 2018.

Koffo cloth preservation efforts whose raw materials are banana Abaka fibers which have been planted in Sangihe and Talaud to enter the processing stage into woven threads and also the introduction of Koffo motifs such as Kakunsi, Dalombo, Sohi and many others which each has distinctive features and meanings .

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