Realizing the OD-SK Program, Disbud Intensively Promotes Koffo Fabrics as One of Cultural Heritage
February 14, 2019, 13 Agustus 2018

North Sulawesi Regional Cultural Service Promotes Traditional Koffo Fabrics As One Of Cultural Wealth – To realize the OD-SK Development Program in the field of culture, the North Sulawesi Provincial Government through the Regional Cultural Service, among others, intensively promotes traditional koffo fabrics from Sangihe and Talaud districts which have received government recognition as one of 33 riches of cultural heritage not objects in Indonesia.

The promotion of traditional koffo fabrics, among others, was included in several exhibitions such as the Asian Textiles Exhibition “Sharing Roots Growth, Celebrating Asia ‘Text Tradition” which was held on August 9 to September 9 2018 at the Tekstile Museum Jakarta.
Head of the North Sulawesi Provincial Culture Office Fery Sangian, S.Sos, MAP, explained that participation in the promotion of traditional koffo fabrics at the exhibition had become a work program in 2018 to realize North Sulawesi which is rich in diversity of arts and creativity of cultural works and as a safeguard , development and utilization of cultural heritage.

“In the promotion of traditional koffo fabric, the North Sulawesi Provincial Culture Service cooperates with COFO INDONESIA which revitalizes koffo fabric through the use of other cotton and modern materials while maintaining the original koffo decoration and new modifications developed” added Ferry Sangian, S . Social, MAP.

Furthermore, COFO INDONESIA owner, Cindy Franklin Wowor, SE, explained that the exhibition was held to “enlighten” the public’s knowledge of traditional textile from Asian countries as well as a series of activities to succeed the 18th ASIAN GAMES sports party in 2018.

“I am proud of koffo, the only traditional fabric from North Sulawesi chosen to be exhibited and aligned with other traditional fabrics from ASIA countries,” said Cindy Franklin Wowor, SE.

“Even two Koffo fabrics belonging to COFO INDONESIA, which are over 90 years old, are made of abaka fiber with a supplementary weft pattern,are displayed on this occasion” said Cindy Franklin Wowor, SE.

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