1What is Kain Koffo or Koffo Fabric?
Koffo fabric is a North Sulawesi traditional woven made from banana fibers displaying traditional motifs that profound meaning. COFO products (silk, cotton) highlight modern style without leaving their original traditional motifs.
2Where does Koffo Fabric originally come from?
Koffo fabric originally comes from the island of Sangihe, North Sulawesi.
3What differentiates Koffo with other woven textiles?
Koffo fabric was very close to extinction and not produced anymore by in its place of origin, North Sulawesi. Now, we are striving to revive the cultural heritage of Koffo fabric through its distinctive motifs, modern designs and natural organic coloring process. At COFO, we are committed to providing high quality products, which meet the standard of other silks.
4What are the core components of Koffo fabric?
Historically, Koffo fabric has always been made with banana fibers as its core component. However, at COFO, we have modified and combined banana fibers to include the use of cotton, linen, and even silk without leaving behind its traditional motifs and cultural values.
5What does COFO have to offer?
COFO offers Koffo fabric which is combined with silk, linen and cotton.
6What kind of plants are used for Kain Koffo’s coloring?
Yellow : Mango & Turmeric Brown : Rose Apple & Breadfruit Red : Cup Rod (Secang)
7Can I order a large quantity of COFO products for event or uniform purposes?
Yes, you can. For orders and enquiries please send email to or WhatssApp 081381383080.
8How long does it take for COFO to deliver a large quantity order?
Depending on the quantity and the material ordered, it takes approximately 1 – 2 months to finish.
9How can we purchase COFO products, other than at exhibitions?
You can directly order COFO products via WhatsApp or email.
10What is the price of COFO products relatively expensive?
COFO products are high quality and made through a natural organic coloring process. For products with chemical coloring process, the price is relatively cheaper.
11Is there any special treatments to main the quality of COFO products?
Yes. COFO products must be hand washed with soap, not detergent, and are only hang to dry. Fabrics may be ironed with maximum temperature of 150C.

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