June 5, 2018
Tribun Manado, 7 November 2017

COFO is here to revive Koffo Woven Fabrics

COFO is here to reinvigorate Koffo Weaving Cloth, an extinct cultural heritage of Sangihe Talaud, with the full support of North Sulawesi Local Government and various layers of local communities.
June 5, 2018
Tribun Sulut, 31 Oktober 2017

Almost Extinct, This is Her Cain Son of Princess of King Sangihe

Through COFO, Cindy Wowor hopes to bring Traditional Woven Fabrics Sangihe Talaud, Koffo, back to life, grow and become North Sulawesi cultural heritage that can be enjoyed by the world.
May 9, 2014

Celebrate the Tradition With Contemporary Breath

The art of crafts reflects human civilization. In its journey, the craft even becomes a way of preserving the culture and heritage of the nation. The development of handmade craft typical of Indonesia is now more interesting because it can join together in technology racing. The work that comes from that tradition blows contemporary breath.